23 DAYS  |  425 KM  |  1.370 M  |  BERGEN AAN ZEE - ENSCHEDE


The Trekvogelpad owes its name to the many bird nature areas that you encounter while hiking. You walk through seven characteristic landscapes from the beach and the dunes to the peat meadows, forests, and heathlands. Through many nature reserves such as the North Holland peat meadows, the Utrechts Heuvelrug, the sand drifts on the Veluwe and the Achterhoek. All areas that show you a variety of migratory birds.

The longest ‘nature trail’ in the Netherlands is the Trekvogelpad (LAW 2), which stretches from the far west to the far east of the country. This Long Distance Hiking Trail (LAW) covers about 425 kilometers between Bergen aan zee to Enschede and is divided into 23 stages. The path is often referred to as ‘Pieterpad-overdwars’ and is revealing the diverse landscapes that define the Dutch terrain.

The hike start in Bergen aan Zee in the serene beaches and dunes of the Dutch seaside. These landscapes turn along the path into meadows, forests, and heathlands, almost each stage presents a new view on the Dutch landscape. As the longest nature trail in the Netherlands, the Trekvogelpad shows seven distinct landscapes. The Utrechtse Heuvelrug, Veluwe’s sand drifts, and the picturesque Achterhoek region. Over this multi-day hike, participants need to cover an elevation gain of 1370 meters.

The collaboration with Vogelbescherming Nederland adds a unique dimension to this hike, turning the trail into a haven for bird enthusiasts. Approximately twenty vital bird habitats unfold across the 23 stages, creating an opportunity for birdwatchers to see a lot of species. The Trekvogelpad provides a panoramic ‘bird’s-eye view’ of the Netherlands, inviting nature enthusiasts and bird lovers to experience the country from a distinctive perspective.

For comprehensive information and trail updates, explore the official website: Trekvogelpad.


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