The path of the Gods



Il Sentiero degli Dei




5,5 KM

6,5 KM from Positano


3 - 5 HOURS







210 M

600 M from Positano

The coastal region of Amalfi in southern Italy is known for its beauty. You can reach this region by crossing the mountains from Naples via many winding roads. The sea suddenly appears in your view and you see beautiful coastal villages appear that seem to be glued to the rocks. A beautiful setting for a hike with a sea view. The most appealing of these hikes is probably the Path of the Gods (Il Sentiero degli Dei).

This path stretches over a little less than ten kilometers of length (it is a bit longer from the unofficial beginning) a little higher in the mountains along the coast. It is easy to cover in a morning or afternoon only and you can approach this path from two sides. After all, it is a line walk. Keep in mind that you will not return to the same place as where you started. Do you want this? Then you could hike up and down the track or make it into a longer lap.

The coast of Amalfi
Rocks on the path of the gods

Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods, which owes its name to the divine views over the sea, should be officially walked from the village of Bomerano (Agerola) towards Nocelle (which lies just above the village of Positano). During this hike you discover new views after every turn that you take. You have a continuous look over the sea and the picturesque Italian villages that lie peacefully on the rough coastline. In the far distance you even see the island of Capri, a destination that you shouldn’t miss when you visit this region.

The official route takes you from one mountain village to another, so there is not a lot of difference in height (only around 200m). If you stay in the town of Amalfi you can make a nice ‘loop’ around the area. This will take you a day but is a very nice trip. You take the bus from Amalfi towards Agerola and get out in the village of Bomerano. From here you will start the hike. It is approximately one kilometer to the official start of the path. During the hike you do not have to think about the route at any time, there is only one path to follow. Of course the route is also indicated, with white / red marking, this ensures that you cannot get lost at all.

The path of the Gods


The only side path you could take is a path towards the village of Praiano. This village is nice to visit but small and you can already see it from above. From this point the landscape changes. It exists out of hills dotted with a few bushes, where you encounter sheep and goats grazing in a typical Mediterranean landscape dotted with holm oak, heather and rosemary.

The trail also becomes more challenging from here. It leads you through the Vallone Grarelle. This is a series of descents and climbs that consist of loose rocks. The panoramas here are breathtaking, all the way to Nocelle. You arrive at a quiet square with a view over the sea where you will find a small stall with drinks based on lemon, the lemon point. A perfect opportunity to catch your breath and this village is certainly worth a short visit.

"You have a continuous look over the sea and the picturesque Italian villages that lie peacefully on the rough coastline."

Walking on the path


In the old days, Nocelle could only be reached on foot from Positano (the coastal village at the bottom of the valley by the sea). Nowadays you can also take a bus that will take you down to this village. Walking to Positano means descending a staircase with as many as 1,500 steps.

That is also why it is advisable to start the hike in Bomerano. Because, descending a staircase is always a bit more pleasant than walking it up. Besides this it will also save you half an hour. You will enter Positano at the end of the stairs. Did you start in Amalfi? Then it is best to take the boat back from here. This is not only faster, but also gives you the opportunity to view everything from the other side, from the water.

Do you want to hike this trail yourself? Check out the full hike below or at Komoot. Would you like to take another hike in Italy? Take a look at the overview page.



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