The Oude Polderwandeling

2 - 3 HRS  |  7.5 KM  |  20 M  |  DE BOSWINKEL - DE BOSWINKEL

The Amsterdamse Bos is a popular recreation area near Amsterdam that attracts many visitors seeking leisure activities. Hiking is one of the primary activities in this forest due to its pretty trails. The Oude Polderwandeling, marked with blue signs, is one of the routes in the forest that starts at the Bezoekerscentrum de Boswinkel.

The trail begins along the Bosbaan, a rowing course spanning over 2km, used for high-level competitions and running training. The trail meanders through a forest near the Bosbaan, which lies 6.5 meters below sea level. Halfway through, at Boerderij Meerzicht, a pancake house, hikers can take a break, particularly convenient for families with a playground and petting zoo. The second half of the hike leads through Polder Meerzicht and Oeverlanden, offering a glimpse of diverse bird species and marshland created during Amsterdam’s construction.

De Oude Polderwandeling is suitable for all levels and provides a well-signposted trail, allowing hikers to intimately experience the natural beauty of the Amsterdamse Bos close to the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

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