The Voltzberg

6 - 8 HRS  |  15 KM  |  240 M  |  COPPENAME RIVER - VOLTZBERG

When on a holiday in Suriname, one cannot escape delving into the vast rainforest, which constitutes over 90% of the country. While the rainforest is challenging to navigate independently due to its enormity and remoteness, numerous tour operators, such as All Suriname Tours, offer guided trips to the interior. These tours often include visits to indigenous villages, hikes through pristine forests, and expeditions to landmarks like Mount Voltz. The tours provide comprehensive arrangements, including transportation, sustenance, and knowledgeable guides from local villages.

On this trip, Foengoe Island, situated in the Raleigh Vallen Nature Park, served as a base for exploring the rainforest and embarking on a challenging hike to the 240-meter-high Voltzberg. It most closely resembles a giant boulder protruding above the jungle. In contrast to the densely vegetated jungle, the so-called ‘island mountains’ form bare rock outcrops that rise above the jungle. They are formed from granite and mostly barely vegetated. 240 metres does not sound very high but the climb is tough as it is very direct and over a small distance upwards. Climbing up is done via ropes which, in rainy weather, poses a tough challenge that is not without danger. But once on top of Voltzberg, the view over the Amazon is fantastic.

After enjoying the view and unwinding on top of the mountain, the way back through the jungle follows. Just before arrival back at the riverbank, there is an opportunity to cool off completely in a small waterfall. A trip inland here is often combined with a visit to Raleigh Falls, the largest and most extensive rapids in the nature reserve. Ideal for recovering from an intense hike.


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