Suriname’s interior: the Voltzberg







15 KM


6 - 8 HOURS






240 M



Those who go on holiday in Suriname cannot escape entering the rainforest. After all, more than 90% of the country is made up of Amazone forest. There are many options to discover this pristine nature, but don’t just go off on your own! This is because the rainforest is not only huge, it is also difficult to reach. Fortunately, there are plenty of tour operators who can take you to Suriname’s interior.

For a visit to one of the indigenous villages or for a hike through the pristine forest. However, making a hike in this area requires not only solid preparation, but certainly also guidance. The paths are not exactly marked with signs and you have to get to the starting point of the route in the first place.

Bird in de skye
The view from the top of Voltzberg

All Suriname tours

One of the tour operators offering trips to the interior is all Suriname tours. There are of course several operators, all of which may offer roughly the same tours. When you book a tour with these operators, you can be sure that everything will be arranged for you. This is of course nice and can hardly be otherwise when you go into such pristine nature. The main thing that is arranged is transport to the interior, by car and by water (from Witagron). In addition, sufficient food and drink is provided for all days in the jungle and, of course, a guide accompanies you.

The guide himself is often from one of the inland villages so he can tell you a lot about the culture, animals and plants of the Amazon. A trip to the interior is not always combined with a solid hike, you can choose that yourself. If you go to Foengoe Island, a visit to Mount Voltz is definitely on the agenda.

A monkey on a branch

A hike through the Amazon

Foengoe Island is located in the middle of the Coppename River in the Raleigh Vallen Nature Park. The island is set up with a camp where tourists can stay and, as a result, there are also several animals that curiously come to take a look. From Foengoe Island, it is a short boat ride to the start of the hike towards Voltzberg. From the riverbank, you walk straight into the dense jungle on a narrow path. During the wall division to the foot of the mountain, you encounter many different animals and a number of creeks are the biggest obstacles. When the forest thins out you arrive at a large granite plateau from where you have a view of the Voltzberg.

"The mountain is about 240 metres high and consists mainly of bare granite. It most closely resembles a giant boulder protruding above the jungle."

A gekko

The Voltzberg

The mountain is about 240 metres high and consists mainly of bare granite. It most closely resembles a giant boulder protruding above the jungle. In contrast to the densely vegetated jungle, the so-called ‘island mountains’ form bare rock outcrops that rise above the jungle. They are formed from granite and mostly barely vegetated. 240 metres does not sound very high but the climb is tough as it is very direct and over a small distance upwards. Using several ropes, you climb and hoist yourself up the mountain. In rainy weather, this poses a tough challenge that is not without danger. But once on top of Voltzberg, you have a fantastic view of the Amazon.

A little snake
A rapid in the forest

Let's cool down a bit

After enjoying the view and unwinding on top of the mountain, the way back through the jungle follows. Just before you arrive back at the riverbank, there is an opportunity to cool off completely in a small waterfall. For that, you have even more opportunity yourself in the rapids in the river in front of Foengoe Island. Put yourself over the fact that you are bobbing among the piranhas and you will cool down completely. A trip inland here is often combined with a visit to Raleigh Falls, the largest and most extensive rapids in the nature reserve. Ideal for recovering from an intense hike.

Want to walk this hike yourself? Then book a trip through all Suriname tours. The full route can be viewed on my Komoot profile.



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