“Kaiserkrone” um den Wilden Kaiser

25 - 30 HRS  |  69.4 KM  |  3.870 M  |  GOING - ST. JOHANN IN TIROL

“Kaiserkrone” um den Wilden Kaiser is a multi-day long-distance hike through the heart of Tirol, circling the majestic Wilder Kaiser massif. Covering a distance of 69.4 kilometers, this adventure promises an immersive experience over multiple days, navigating through the enchanting landscapes of forests and mountains.

The hike starts in the charming small town of Going, meandering through alpine pastures till the first mountain hut (Gruttenhütte) on the edge of the massif. On the second day hikers will descend and encounter the serene Lake Hinterstein where they can relax or just stay for the night. On day three there is a lot of ascent towards the highest points of the route at Stripsenjochhaus. It’s definitely worth staying here as a highlight of the hike. This hut is located just underneath the highest peak of the hike and provides the best sunset and sun-dawn views.

This moderately difficult hike is best done over five days, but there are enough opportunities to turn it into a route for one day or multiple days. The hike takes hikers around 25-30 hours and has a notable elevation gain of 3,870 meters. As hikers traverse the diverse terrain of forests and mountains, the route unveils the grandeur of the Wilder Kaiser mountains, providing panoramic views from Chiemsee to the majestic Großglockner.

The “Kaiserkrone” um den Wilden Kaiser is best accessible from June to mid-October, hikers can plan their adventure flexibly, choosing from six trailheads and exploring easier or more challenging alternative routes. Hikers can choose to do a one-day hike or pick one of the various mountain huts to stay. Sleeping in the mountains gives you a great evening and morning experience when the sun sets.

For more information and to plan your hiking adventure on the “Kaiserkrone” um den Wilden Kaiser, visit the official website here.


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