Hiking pic de Comapedrosa

7 - 9 HRS  |  14.9 KM  |  1.340 M  |  ARINSAL - ARINSAL

In the heart of the Pyrenees, the Principality of Andorra lies in a landscape dominated by mountains. Among these towering peaks lies the highest one of the country, the Pic de ComapedrosaThe trail to this peak starts in Arinsal, a town nestled in the northwest corner of Andorra. Traversing the Les Valls del Comapedrosa nature park, spanning approximately 15 km², reveals the grandeur of Andorra’s loftiest peak. Birch, spruce, and fir forests paint the landscape, interspersed with expansive green valleys and mountain lakes cradled by imposing rocky walls. The gentle sounds of flowing rivers and cascading waterfalls enhances the natural feel of the hike.

A hike to the top and back to the village is 14.9 km long, and takes around 7 to 9 hours, with an elevation gain of 1.340 meters. The trail unfolds like a progression, from the initial forested incline to the serene mountain meadow, Cabana de la Comapedrosa. Here, nestled on the meadow’s eastern edge, Refugi de Comapedrosa invites hikers to enjoy a panoramic view of the Arinsal valley.

Passing along Refugi de Comapedrosa is perfect for those seeking a break from the hike or an overnight stay. Choose between inclusive stays with meals or a simple night’s rest, each providing a haven for recovery.

The trail beyond the meadow transforms, unveiling a rugged and rocky terrain, signaling the onset of true climbing challenges. Approaching Estany Negre, the mountain lake 200 meters below the summit, hikers confront a pivotal choice – a challenging route navigating rocks and peaks or a more gradual ascent along the lakeside.

Crowning at 2.945 meters, the summit of Pic de Comapedrosa offers a panoramic spectacle near the northwestern border, close to the tri-border point with France and Spain. Here, indulge in the breathtaking expanse, and if serendipity aligns, witness the soaring flight of the Griffon Vulture, one of Andorra’s emblematic national birds.

Upon the top of Andorra’s highest peak, time seemingly pauses, allowing for the absorption of the rare beauty. Pic de Comapedrosa transcends the realm of mere hiking; it is an elevation of the soul amid the untamed splendor of Andorra’s mountainous terrain.


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