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10,2 KM


2 - 4 HOURS






200 M


In the middle of the Gothenburg archipelago in between all the other wonderful islands lies the place and the island of Styrsö. You can easily reach the island from the center of Gothenburg by tram and ferry. The ferries are part of the public transport network of this second city of Sweden, so an extra ticket is not necessary. Within an hour you are on the shore of the island. The island offers more than enough space to the around 1,400 residents that have settled here. On the other part of the island you will find rocks that are overgrown here and there.

The ferry from the mainland moors at the scaffold in one of the four small villages on the island. This scaffold is in the village of Bratten. From here it is easy to walk around the entire island with all its highlights. A whole round covers approximately 11 kilometers and takes 2 to 4 hours to complete. During this hike you walk through all the natural beauty and associated highlights of Styrsö. But, you also pass all three other villages on the island. All three of them are built in a contiguous line on the north coast of the island.

The view from Styrsö in the Gothenburg archipelago
Berries on Styrsö in the Gothenburg archipelago

Ferry to Styrsö

Once you have reached the island, walk directly from the ferry into Bratten up towards the forest. Bratten was discovered by the elite in the late nineteenth century, after which it was transformed into a small resort. Large houses here stand on wide plots. All of them have a peaceful and luxurious appearance. The village is not large because soon you walk out of the forest and you stand eye to eye with the church in Byn. This church was built in 1752 and is therefore one of the oldest buildings on the island.

From here you descend again towards the traditional fishing village of Tången. At the end of the descent you see the Sandvikshamn harbour. Small fishing boats lie side by side here, waiting for their next hunt for delicacies from the sea. When the route leads you up again, follow the path as it leaves the road. From here you will walk over big rocks that are every now and then overgrown with woods and bushes.

"The rocks are rich in a variety of vegetation. Here you can find elderberries, rowan and even blackberries. But there are also plants such as blackthorn and honeysuckle that make the landscape a colourful whole."

Flora and Fauna

The rocks are rich in a variety of vegetation. Here you can find elderberries, rowan and even blackberries. But there are also plants such as blackthorn and honeysuckle that make the landscape a colourful whole. It sometimes takes some searching for the path on these rocks and it is challenge to find the best rock to get up firmly. But this is exactly what makes a walk on an island like this adventurous. It is worth the effort completely when you look out on a high rock over the sea towards Denmark.

After descending this rocky part of Styrsö you will arrive on the beach of Uttervik. Here you can take a well-deserved break or a refreshing dip. This beach is connected via a platform to a tiny peninsula where you can jump into the water from the rocks. A rustic place to relax and enjoy the endless view.

A bee on a flower
Styrsö in the Gothenburg archipelago

An island of rocks

Just past the beach you will find the village of Halsvik, which is built against the rocks in the bay. After passing through this village, you are at the beginning of a green/white marked hiking trail that runs to Skäret across the entire south side of the island. The signings make it a lot easier to find your way. All the paths are well-maintained here. You walk over ramps reinforced with rocks. Here you have the chance to shorten the route a little by walking straight through the forest to Stora Rös, the highest point of the island.

However, you can also continue to follow this route, along the entire coastline of the island. This brings you eventually to the beach on the south side of Styrsö. Another great place where you can enjoy the views in the sand or on one of the adjacent rocks.

The view over Styrsö in the Gothenburg archipelago
The highest point

Stora Rös

When you have walked around the entire south of the island you will arrive in Skäret. Here you will see the bridge to the neighboring island of Donsö. Before the bridge you walk up through the forest towards the aforementioned Stora Rös, the highest point of the island. From the peak of this mountain you have a 360-degree view of the entire Gothenburg archipelago. When the weather is good you can see all the islands, Bohuslän in the north, Gothenburg city in the east, Halland in the south and the silhouette of Vinga against the horizon to the west.

After a short descent on the north side of this hill you are again right in front of the ferry to the mainland. A day in the Gothenburg archipelago is recommended for every visit to this city.

Do you want to hike this trail yourself? Check out the full hike below or at Komoot. Would you like to take another hike in Sweden? Take a look at the overview page.



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