With the construction of the Afsluitdijk in 1932, the old Zuiderzee was split and there existed an inland sea in the Netherlands. This created not only the Waddenzee but also the IJsselmeer. The construction of this enormous dike made it possible to walk around the inland sea (the IJsselmeer). The long-distance footpath that runs around it is called the Zuiderzeepad.

The Zuiderzeepad (LAW-8), or the trip around the IJsselmeer, is an exploration of 497 kilometers. Walking along the banks of the Zuiderzee, you will see how this water has left its mark on all the towns that arose along the banks. From picturesque fishing villages like Volendam to rich farming villages like Blaricum. Everywhere you look, there are breakthrough gullies and steam pumping stations that remind you of the struggle against the sea. Because this walk is all about the battle the Netherlands is still waging against the water.