Sweden is the largest country in Scandinavia and the land of 100,000 lakes. A country in which an unprecedented natural beauty can be discovered and in which land and water come together in harmony. The flat and rolling landscapes are covered with vast coniferous forests that inland turn into a beautiful highland. The highest point in Sweden is the Kebnekaise at 2114 m.

Those who go hiking in Sweden can easily get lost in the beauty of nature. The country consists of large areas of pristine nature, most of which are forests that in the north change into tundra. You will not meet many other people during your trips here but you may encounter some large mammals such as moose, wolves, bears and lynxes.

In spring and summer you can count on long days, stable temperatures and lots of sunshine in most of Sweden. But in winter it can be dark and cold. And those who really head north are treated to a real polar climate with lots of snow and icy cold.

1 August 2019


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