When you go on a hiking trip, short or long, you are limited in the amount of gear you can bring. Because you will need to be able to carry all of your gear on your back to take it with you. Therefore, it is important to make a good selection before you go on your trip. Selecting the things to take along on your hike is of great importance. This depends on what trip you plan and what kind of hike you want to make.

If you still need to buy gear then it is useful to look carefully at the quality and durability of the products. I like to take things that last longer. If you go on a day hike you only need a limited number of clothes and some food and drink. But if you go for days on end you will also need to think about sleeping gear and perhaps even a tent.

From my experience I give you advice on the most essential gear to take along on a hike. This is important for the reviews of hiking products that appear on this page. They will always be about products that I have extensively tested myself. In a review I will always give my honest opinion without influence of the products brand. Even though I work together with a number of companies. My review will be more important than the interests of the company in question. In fact, the review can contribute to the cooperation and improvement of the products of this brand.