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Politically Incorrect Free Tours

Copenhagen is a beautiful and vibrant city with a rich history and culture. This makes it very interesting to reserve a spot at one of the informative free walking tours in the city. When you are looking for a vibrant tour with a lot of information and some politically incorrect humor, than try a tour of the politically incorrect free tours. They offer series of free walking tours that aim to provide an alternative perspective on the history, culture and must-see places within Copenhagen. Led by local guides who present the information in an entertaining way with often controversial humor.

Biskop Absalon

The tour starts at metrostop Gammelstrand in the centre of the city, next to højbro plads. On this square is a statue situated of one of the groundfathers of the country named biskop Absalon. He was one of the main figures in history who played a big role in the consolidation of Denmark as a kingdom and in spreading Christianity. So, not only a central place in the city but also in history, perfect to start a tour like this. One of the guides in this politically incorrect tour is Magnus, he starts the tour by checking in with all attendees and asking where they are from. The mood is set from the beginning because no one will escape this introduction without a bad joke about their country.

"During the walk through the city Magnus isn't afraid to highlight another perspective on the must-see spots."

Statue of Biskop Absalon
The top of a church

Another perspective on the city

During the walk through the city Magnus isn’t afraid to highlight another perspective on the must-see spots. Sometimes just for entertainment purposes, but also to provide another perspective on the history of his country. The questionable role of Denmark and Copenhagen during second world war and the relationship with neighbouring country Sweden play an important role in the tour. Like all neighbouring countries Sweden and Denmark always have been joking around about one another. Especially in a place like Copenhagen since this is located so close to the border. Random facts pass by like the danish names of ridiculous IKEA products like toilet brushes or doormats.

But, our guide never forgets to tell also the important parts of history. A big part of this history is connected to the second world war and the role of the royal family within this. Happily, Copenhagen and the country are also known for much lighter themes like the stories of Hans Christian Andersen and his life in Nyhavn. And we pass by the longest pedestrian street in the world for example, in the middle of Copenhagen.

Soldiers in Amalienborg
Another statue in Copenhagen
The replacement of the guards


The tour ends in Amalienborg where the residence of the queen is located, not too far of a walk from the statue of the mermaid. A little walk that can be voluntarily done after the tour. In short, this tour is a unique and thought-provoking way to learn about the history and culture of Copenhagen. It is definitely worth checking out. Just be prepared for a more unconventional and potentially controversial tour experience.

Statue of the little mermaid

After this free walking tour you will walk through the city of Copenhagen with different eyes. You have become wiser and you absorb the things around you in a different way. For everything else you will really have to walk through the city yourself. Book the Free Walking Tour in Copenhagen here.

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