Why you should discover a city by foot


Walking is the perfect way to discover a city. Whether you are going on a day trip, a weekend trip or visiting a city during a longer vacation. Those who discover a city on foot will learn more. That is exactly what you are searching for during a 'city trip'. After all you are only able to discover when you go out. In such a situation you start to gain interest in the history and culture of a city. Walking is the best method to learn a lot about a city. And you also come home tired but satisfied...

On HikedAway you will find a collection of walking tours through the most beautiful cities. All these city tours are moments to discover. To get to know a city in a healthy way and on human power. To unwind while doing that. We share our experiences and tell you how you can walk the same route on your own. Or where you can go for a fantastic walk through the city accompanied by a real guide.

10 April 2019


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