“Kaiserkrone” um den Wilden Kaiser

25 – 30 HRS  |  69.4 KM  |  3.870 M  |  GOING – ST. JOHANN IN TIROL “Kaiserkrone” um den Wilden Kaiser is a multi-day long-distance hike through the heart of Tirol, circling the majestic Wilder Kaiser massif. Covering a distance of 69.4 kilometers, this adventure promises an immersive experience over multiple days, navigating through […]

Escapardenne Lee Trail

15 – 20 HRS  |  52.8 KM  |  1.820 M  |  ETTELBRÜCK – KAUTENBACH https://youtu.be/U8MsQgVw-UA The Escapardenne Lee Trail is an exhilarating 52.8 kilometer hiking route that showcases the natural beauty of Luxembourg. Beginning in Ettelbrück, this trail takes hikers through enchanting forests and hilly terrains, promising a memorable journey. Divided into three stages, each […]

The Oude Polderwandeling

2 – 3 HRS  |  7.5 KM  |  20 M  |  DE BOSWINKEL – DE BOSWINKEL The Amsterdamse Bos is a popular recreation area near Amsterdam that attracts many visitors seeking leisure activities. Hiking is one of the primary activities in this forest due to its pretty trails. The Oude Polderwandeling, marked with blue signs, […]

The Voltzberg

Voltzberg from the river

6 – 8 HRS  |  15 KM  |  240 M  |  COPPENAME RIVER – VOLTZBERG When on a holiday in Suriname, one cannot escape delving into the vast rainforest, which constitutes over 90% of the country. While the rainforest is challenging to navigate independently due to its enormity and remoteness, numerous tour operators, such as […]


23 DAYS  |  425 KM  |  1.370 M  |  BERGEN AAN ZEE – ENSCHEDE   The Trekvogelpad owes its name to the many bird nature areas that you encounter while hiking. You walk through seven characteristic landscapes from the beach and the dunes to the peat meadows, forests, and heathlands. Through many nature reserves such […]

Hiking pic de Comapedrosa

7 – 9 HRS  |  14.9 KM  |  1.340 M  |  ARINSAL – ARINSAL https://youtu.be/qDqVBV1uP0E&t In the heart of the Pyrenees, the Principality of Andorra lies in a landscape dominated by mountains. Among these towering peaks lies the highest one of the country, the Pic de Comapedrosa. The trail to this peak starts in Arinsal, a […]

Refugi de L’illa – Refugi de Juclar

GRP ANDORRA (20,3 KM) Download GPX PATH GRP Grande Randonnée de Pays TERRAIN MOUNTAINS STARTING POINT REFUGI DE L’ILLA DESTINATION REFUGI DE JUCLAR DISTANCE 20,3 KM ELEVATION GAIN 1.180 M DURATION 8 – 10 HOURS LEVEL DIFFICULT The second stage of the hike around Andorra starts after an overnight stay in Refugi de L’illa. L’illa […]

Escaldes-Engordany – Refugi de L’illa

GR7 ANDORRA (12,3 KM) Download GPX PATH GR7 Grande Randonnée (GR) TERRAIN MOUNTAINS STARTING POINT ESCALDES-ENGORDANY DESTINATION REFUGI DE L’ILLA DISTANCE 12,3 KM ELEVATION GAIN 1.410 M DURATION 4 – 5 HOURS LEVEL CHALLENGING With a surface area of only 468 km², Andorra is one of the microstates of Europe. Because of its size, it […]

The tenner from Waternet

WATERNET ROUTE (10 KM) Download GPX PATH WATERNET ROUTE STARTING POINT ENTRANCE ORANJEKOM/OASE DISTANCE 10 KM DURATION 2 – 3 HOURS TERRAIN DUNES DESTINATION ENTRANCE ORANJEKOM/OASE ELEVATION GAIN 40 M LEVEL EASY Het tientje van Waternet is one of the many walks set out in the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen. During this walk you will discover the […]

Nederlands Kustpad 1 | 6

BURGH-HAAMSTEDE – PORT ZÉLANDE (19,2 KM) Download GPX PATH NEDERLANDS KUSTPAD 1 | 6 Long Distance Hiking Path (LAW) STARTING POINT BURGH-HAAMSTEDE DISTANCE 19,2 KM DURATION 4 – 6 HOURS TERRAIN COAST DESTINATION PORT ZÉLANDE ELEVATION GAIN 40 M LEVEL EASY The Dutch Coastal Path (Nederlandse Kustpad) is a long-distance hiking path that covers the […]