You are looking for untouched nature and steep climbs? Then the dwarf state of Andorra is the right place for you. The country is located in the east of the Pyrenees. At an average altitude of almost 2000m, enclosed between France and Spain. 92% of the landscape consist out of nature, which makes the country a paradise for true nature lovers. The cultivated valley in Andorra is surrounded by high mountains. With the highest peak being the Pic de Comapedrosa. But there are more high peaks to climb in the country. Alternated by forest and rocky landscapes with large mountain lakes.

The alpine climate ensures that the country is covered with snow in the winter months, which can remain until the summer. In the summer, it doesn’t get very hot but the temperature often stays around twenty degrees. For summer weather you will need a bit of luck in Andorra, however, the conditions are often ideal for outdoor sports. Hiking is therefore a great activity to do in this country!