I Hiked Away. Walk away. You stop. Look around you. Now you realize that you are free. This is what you needed. Fresh air. The wind rushing through the grass. Sun on your face. Away from all distraction and stress from society. Escaped from the ever-present technological distractions, for a moment alone and one with the nature. Time enough to get your head rattling. For a good conversation. Or just the silence...

Sometimes you just want to walk away for a while. Where to? We will show you. Because we have walked away more often, I Hiked Away.


And now it is your turn

HikedAway is a collection of the most beautiful hikes, city tours and tips which is slowly spreading all over the world. Each of these walks and hikes are moments to rest and relax. Because the times are busy enough. We share hiking experiences and tell you how a hike or walk is experienced. Combined with information that you can use to walk these routes yourself. We try to inspire you to take a step back sometimes and set yourself free from the fastness of daily life and to let all distractions for what they are.


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HikedAway is there also for your hiking stories. Share the moments when you hiked away and show us the outdoor places that you enjoy the most. HikedAway will be a community of like minded hiking addicts. Join #HikedAway now! Or get in contact. Together we will show everyone how awesome hiking is.